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“We are happy to play with Periphery! Is a great band” Interview with MONUMENTS

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Prior to their co-headlining show with PERIPHERY in Chile and their Argentinian tour, in which they’ll be visiting Cordoba, Bahia Blanca, Rosario and Buenos Aires, we speak (very briefly and apparently against their will) with MONUMENTS. Hope you enjoy what they (monosyllabically) said.

Phronesis was released a few months ago… how do you see the reception from the fans? Too much lovers or haters?

The reception was great!

I found it like a link between Gnosis and The Amanuensis. What do you think?

The album got a lot of good critics and fans enjoy the new songs when we play them live!

As far as I could know, the composition process of Phronesis was quite different from your other albums, with Chris doing lyrics from a blank slate and not like you did in The Amanuensis. Comparing both, which process was easiest or at least most satisfactory?

This album was more cooperative regarding to composition. It’s more organic and easier to listen.

Will you do the next album in the same way you did Phronesis or do you have a new idea in mind?

We don’t know what we are going to do for a next album yet.

Since Gnosis to Phronesis, the lead role of the members in the composition process is growing notably. It was a spontaneous thing or do you invite/push the rest of the band to involve them into the creative process?

It was something that happened in a spontaneous way.

It’s been a while since your last music video. The only videos released from Phronesis until now are lyric videos… Any specific reason for that? Are you planning something new?

We are working on a new video. You are going to have news about that soon

You’ll be playing with PERIPHERY in Chile and we know this won’t be ‘just another show’, especially for Chris. How it happen? Who came with the idea and why not in the rest of the Latinamerican tour?

We are happy to play with them. Is going to be a great event! Periphery is a great band. I think that our tour dates matched and promoters made the show

You’ll play four shows in Argentina. What are your expectations of this tour?

We can’t wait! We know that the fans are crazy! We can’t wait to play there and have a great time!

Do you have any references from Argentinian music? Any bands?


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